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Applying Industry 4.0 to the Glass Industry

What is Industry 4.0 and how can it assist the global glass industry in its quest for greater efficiencies?

 The Future Glass Forum is a live discussion of the issues surrounding Industry 4.0, 'smart manufacturing' and creating a 'smart factory', including perspectives on Glass Manufacturing and Digitalisation.

This conference is free-to-attend and is applicable to both flat glass and hollow glass production as well as business consultants interested in considerations of business models, IT Infrastructure, energy efficiencies and plant safety and security.

Please note; the Future Glass Forum conference will be in English, with a free translation service into Thai provided.

DAY 1: Wednesday 24 January Morning

Welcoming and Opening Keynote address:
Viwat Supatham, Chairman, Manufacturers Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries (GMFTI)

Keynote address: The Advantages of Digitalization in the Glass Industry
Philippe Mary, Head of Siemens Belgium Glass Branch and Global Account Manager

Presentation title TBC
Dr Daniel Schippan, Founder & Managing Director, GmbH

Heye Smart Plant
Gregory Lecat, Heye International

How the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will impact the glass industry
Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President, Glass Service Inc

DAY 2: Thursday 25 January Morning

Morning Keynote: Container Glass forming in 2020/2025: Dark Factory
Paul Schreuders, CEO, Xpar Vision

Increasing productivity and quality in a 4.0 Glassplant: opportunities and threats
Jean Luc Logel, CEO, IRIS Inspection Machines

Eco Lead Furnace with high efficiency and furnace security system
Xuqing Xie, Glass Engineering Group, AGC Ceramics

SmartMelter: New Industry Standard in Furnace Inspection and Maintenance
Yakup Bayram, CEO, PaneraTech

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