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IRIS Inspection Machines is a leading provider of turnkey sorting solutions for glass containers of any shape or color, including wine, beer, Jars, liquor and Champagne bottles, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and food containers.

A team of dedicated Research and Development engineers has evolved a performing range of equipment to match the industry’s demanding requirements and satisfy the quality needs of key international brands.
IRIS Inspection Machines is known for its EVOLUTION 12 sidewall and sidewall stress inspection equipment, for its EVOLUTION 5 base, base stress, finish and mold reader machine. But IRIS has recently introduced two new equipments dedicated to the perfume, high value liquors and flaconnage industry, EVOLUTION Ultimate for transparent defects and EVOLUTION Dim for precise dimensional on line.
The company has based its development on a long-term partnership with glassmakers in the field of glass defects detection, as well as on an exceptional know-how in the most innovative vision technologies. IRIS was the first to develop and propose a 12 camera inspection machine.
The success of IRIS is due not only to the exceptional efficiency of its Evolution machines range but also to the excellent support provided by engineers worldwide. Thanks to a network of international agents and technical service centers, IRIS is able to support customers throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

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Jean-Luc Logel
Z.I. du Chêne
14 rue du 35ème Régiment d’Aviation
69500 Bron


Phone: +33 (0)4 72 78 35 27

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Inspection equipment, hollow glass

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