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Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd is a leading supplier of refractories and engineered products for the glass manufacturing industry and are specialists in glass conditioning.

As a licensee of Emhart Glass we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of feeder expendable refractories for the glass industry. Feeder expendables are refractory parts used in the glass gob-forming system, a system that is essential to the manufacture of many different types of glassware such as glass containers and glass tableware.

We are also one of the foremost suppliers of forehearth and distributor systems to the glass industry worldwide and our ability to design and manufacture both the refractories and the engineered systems is unique. The PSR System 5oo is a unique design of forehearth and distributor that has established a worldwide reputation for achieving the best in glass thermal homogeneity, temperature stability and fuel efficiency.

We design, manufacture and supply the complete refractory assembly for our System 5oo forehearths including channel blocks, distributor glass contact blocks and forehearth superstructure refractories.

PSR's Cord Dispersal System is also the only proven solution to the common problem of 'cat-scratch' cord an each one is supplied with a money-back guarantee, with over 170 systems successfully supplied to date.

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Simon Parkinson
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Phone: 01422254472

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Combustion equipment • Control systems, hot end • Forehearth assemblies • Refractories • Technical assistance/training

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