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Strutz International

Strutz International is the world’s leading manufacturer of high speed, high quality bottle decorating equipment.

Since the introduction of the CLS-200 Chainless decorator, it has become the worlds top selling high speed bottle decorator. 

Strutz introduced the New CLS-175 which uses the same chainless technology but can decorate larger bottles.

The CLS-200 is a revolutionary design that has replaced the carrier conveyor chain or “link system” with precision cams and can decorate a typical 12oz beverage bottle at speeds up to 200 BPM with ultra high precision. They are available in Left to Right, or Right to Left configurations which can conserve floor space and manpower when multiple decorators are used.

A typical CLS-200 has one extra station which can be used for either seam registration or AN ADDITIONAL DECORATING STATION! This provides customers with a simple and economical means if in the future an additional color station is required, without seam registration. This is something that our competitors do not offer.

Both the CLS-200 and the CLS-175 come standard with user friendly touch screen control panels.

Strutz International also manufactures and supplies ancillary equipment.

Lehr loading Stackers: Push Bar, Pull Bar, Dual feed Stacker Systems

Strutz Conveyors: Single Liners, Lehr Cross Conveyors and Dual Cross Conveyors Systems

Automatic Color Feeding Systems: ECD-DSL-1 and ECD-DSL-2  with dual single loop accurate temperature control.

Contact Details

440 Mars-Valencia Road
Mars, PA 16046 U.S.A.
United States

Phone: 724-625-1501

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Decorating equipment, hollow glass

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