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Martin Küstner


Martin Küstner has been working within the glass, plastic container as well as filling industry for over nineteen years. 

Before moving into this sector, he worked in the fields of Image Processing and Broadcasting Technology as well as in Dynamical Measurement Systems for industrial and medical applications in various companies based in Munich, Germany.

While studying economical engineering at University of Applied Sciences in Munich/Germany, he also worked as an intern for Agr International, Inc. USA spending one semester during his studies in the USA. After graduating in 1997 he started working for Dr. Martin Buss & Partner in Munich in the position of Sales & Technical Assistance for equipment required in the Glass container and filling industry.

Together with Agr International, Inc. USA, he founded in 1999 a branch of Agr called Agr Europe GmbH in Munich as well as a Service Centre close to Hanover.

As part of the additional expansion plans of Agr International into the Asian Market, Martin Küstner did open Agr Bangkok Ltd. In the year 2013 to increase the presence of Agr in the Asian Pacific Market. With this move of Agr into Asia, Martin Küstner did relocate from Munich, Germany to Bangkok, Thailand in 2013.

Since then he has been working as Managing Director of Agr Bangkok Ltd. and Director of Sales & Service being responsible for Agr’s operations and services in the Pan Pacific Region, South Africa and Israel.

Abstract - Improved Process Control through precise sampling measurements with Agr's Omnilab

In today’s world with increasing requirements on quality by the large brand companies going as far as the demand to have on-line access to the current production statistics, reliable tools are necessary to satisfy these needs also as part as an Industry 4.0 approach.

The presentation will highlight Agr’s OmniLab as integral part of a Statistical Process Control System to exceed the requirements the typical customer of a glass producing plant.

Starting with a short introduction of the components of such a system, the main focus will be on the typical measurement requirements as experienced in former projects and the solutions that Agr’s OmniLab does provide.

Key parts are the easy connectivity, configurability, speed as well as the capability to adapt to new measurement requirements easily and to be integrated into any production processing software as well as the ease of use to allow a 24/7 operation to be able to deliver the required data input in a reliable manner.

Agr’s OmniLab combines all relevant measurements within a compact footprint which could be positioned at each individual Glass production–line allowing very high speed sampling with the advantage to be able to react quickly to the smallest deviations before the actual ware reaches any specification limit.

While at the line solutions are preferable, other possible configurations would be a scenario where multiple lines are being fed into one “Measurement Island” or the Measurement Unit would be placed into the laboratory.

Measurements which would be covered as part of the Agr’s OmniLab are:

  • All Dimensions including Angle and Radii even if the features to measure are never fully visible in one image
  • Weight
  • Inside Bore and Taper
  • Pushup / Base Clearance
  • Thickness including tapered areas of the bottle
  • Pressure & Volume  

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