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Richard van Breda

Former SABMiller Director, now Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant

Richard van Breda


Richard van Breda has a robust career in the packaging and beverage industry and has extensive experience across a wide range of packaging materials, (Glass, Plastics - rigid and flexible, PET, Papers, Cartons and Metal packaging) from both the commercial and the technical side.

He has operated as an independent consultant based out of Zug Switzerland and has recently joined forces with IS Engineering.

Prior to this he was with SABMiller where he set-up the global procurement function for glass, paper and plastic packaging for SABMiller plc. Before this he has held multiple packaging and supply chain roles in SAB in South Africa focusing on the Southern African beer and soft drink operations. He served as a non Executive Director of The Glass Recycling Company in South Africa.

His background is as a Professional Mechanical Engineer and he started his career in the glass packaging industry, where he held a number of engineering, production and project roles in the glass industry.

He holds an MBA in supply chain and finance from the University of Durham.
His extensive commercial and business experience, as well as the technical grounding, provides deep packaging insights in a wide range of disciplines and aspects of the global packaging world.

Abstract - Is the Container glass Industry aligned to its customers’ expectations?

Glass has traditionally been the preferred packaging format for food & beverage. It has robust characteristics that are well understood and respected, as does it’s competition. The recent spotlight of NGO, media and increased consumer awareness upon the packaging industry to address many of societal over-consumption behaviours has put increased pressure on plastic above other packaging options, and rightly so. However, the container glass industry does face headwinds that need to be addressed. Richard and Emma will talk about the requirements of the package from a customer perspective, given their shared expertise in the Beer & Soft Drinks sectors, and provide some thought-provoking messages to spark debate regarding what aspects of customer expectations are realistic vs necessary.

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