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Sylvie Dobrzynska

Country Group Procurement & Logistic Leader, South-West Europe


Sylvie Dobrzynska


Sylvie is O-I’s Procurement and Logistic Leader for France & Spain. With O-I since 2000, she has developed well-rounded leadership experience, benefiting from management positions within procurement, as well as European leadership roles in pricing, new product development, glass recycling and continuous improvement.

Sylvie is a French national, who has enjoyed international assignments in Switzerland as well as working in the USA for 2 years.

As Glass Recycling Leader for Europe, she engaged with key stakeholders to drive O-I’s sustainability agenda across the value chain. She also represented O-I on the supervisory board of Maltha, a glass recycling company located in the Netherlands and operating in 5 countries.

In her current role, she is on a quest for purposeful, creative solutions, collaborations and greater efficiencies throughout the company’s supply chain.

She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Sourcing from the University of Grenoble and a Master’s degree in Management from the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon.

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