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Francois Breye

Managing Director

VDV Lubricants

Francois Breye

Lubricants have conducted my career for the last 20 years.

Late 90’s, I started at R&D level for Petrofina evaluating the composition & performances of biodegradable fluids to be used in crude oil drilling technology.  After a few years in the lab, I moved to a field technical manager responsibility in that same business activity.

As the company evolved in shareholding (Total & Oleon) & activities, I took new job opportunities as sales manager - natural oils & fats derivatives, dealing with many different industrial segments (food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial, …)

I decided after 12 years to look for new challenges and joined the chemicals distribution world of Univar as specialties product manager.

Going back to the manufacturing activity, I took the challenge to launch the PAO synthetic base oil produced by ChevronPhillips Chemicals in EMEA region, targeting the move of automotive lubricants to the next generation.

So, oils-fats-specialty chemicals & their safe-efficient use in lubricants have been the guidelines of my professional life.

As managing director at VDV Lubricants company (Glassline®), I’m very happy to use all my knowledge & network to considerably upgrade in terms of safety & performances the lubrication of the glass containers forming process.

My motto is: lubricate the glass, don’t contaminate it … and you will produce more & better!

Abstract - How to lubricate the glass containers hot process safely & properly? Less is more !!!

Lubricants are everywhere in our daily life; when there is movement, there is lubricants.

In a very long time ago, when lubrication was needed, people was thinking of using a greasy or oily something to do the job.  Everything has changed today, the know-how & the chemistry about lubricants have made significant progression.  Food processes run safer, continuous production units run faster and vehicles (car, motorbike, trucks, boat, …) run longer, all with the appropriate lubricating systems.

Let’s be clear on the following statement: new technologies need new lubricants.

Unfortunately, when looking at the glass container & tableware industry, specially the forming process, the positive trend described hereabove is missing!  We see a lot of progress in new technologies upgrading IS machines, moulds design, … but lubricants used haven’t been updated for a very long time.  The industry is speaking about the 4.0 target but from a lubrication point of view, 2.0 level is still an average on the market.

VDV Lubricants, with its Glassline® forming lubricants, has as mission to bring the necessary upgrade that people & glass deserve; safety & efficiency.  Based on a wide chemical knowledge, a 20 years link with the glass manufacturing industry and a very motivated team, some successful & innovative products have been launched the last years:  Glassline® SwabPharma for an efficient manual swabbing with “safe” smoke, Glassline® SwabMatic for a fast & safe automated swabbing, … and many other products designed to lubricate the glass from the shear plates to the conveyor belt!

As the processes & products (glass) are not standard, a customized lubricant approach is necessary.  So, looking forward to discuss with you which Glassline® products will make your forming process safer & more efficient.


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