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Future Glass Forum - applying Industry 4.0 to the glass industry

What is Industry 4.0 and how can it assist the global glass industry in its quest for greater efficiencies?

Industry 4.0, digital glassmaking and smart manufacturing have become established talking points in the glass sector in recent years.

The Future Glass Forum is a live discussion of the issues surrounding Industry 4.0 with an emphasis on glassmaking and the digitalisation of the hot and cold ends.

A different speaker will focus on each of the glassmaking processes such as furnaces, forming and inspection and discuss the benefits digitalisation has to glass manufacturers.

The conference is free-to-attend and is applicable to both flat glass and hollow glass production as well as business consultants interested in considerations of business models, IT Infrastructure, energy efficiencies and plant safety and security.

Topics covered will include:

Lucien Belmonte, Secretary General, AbividroAn overview of the Brazilian Glass Market
Aline Casagrande, Circular Packaging Global Manager, AB InBevABI's Sustainability 2025 strategy
Jean-Luc Logel, CEO, IRIS Inspection MachinesWENSPECT: a cold end alliance towards Smart Manufacturing
Gabriel Noboa, Sales Agent, Glass Service (Czech)The Future of Glass Furnaces and the role model predictive control is playing
Marco Veri, CEO, SocabelecMachine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Glass Manufacturing

Other speakers include:

  • Karl Platt, Technical Consultant, TECO
  • Hans Mehl, General Manager, MGFS

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