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Hans Mehl

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Hans Mehl

Hans Mehl started in the Glass industry in March of 1982 with Company CEVIVE (Centro vidriero de Venezuela) in Caracas/Venezuela. He started as Furnace and Batch plant supervisor and was in charge of one batch plant and 4 furnaces.

From September of 1986 until August of 1988 he attended the Technical college for Glass in Zwiesel-Germany and graduated as State certified Glass Technologist.

In 1988 Mr. Mehl joined Company Nikolaus Sorg in Germany and worked as Construction manager until 2001, year in which he left the company in order to join Co. North American Refractories Company in Pittsburgh/USA where he worked as Export Sales Manager until 2005.

In 2005 he returned to work for Co. Sorg in Germany as Construction site Manager and Mr. Mehl became also in charge of projects and sales in Latin America.

In 2011 he started his own company MGFS Glass Factory Services S.A. de C.V. in the city of Cuernavaca/Mexico.

In 2015, together with HOTWORK AG from Switzerland they made a joint venture in Mexico and established Heat-Up Latin America R.L de C.V. Until the present day, he remains a shareholder and CEO of this company.

Abstract: “Importance of preventive furnace inspection and maintenance”

What is preventive inspection/maintenance? This is an inspection/maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failling. This maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. In terms of the complexity of this maintenance, it falls between reactive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Why and how to perform preventive inspections/maintenances? How to train furnace personnell to perform these inspections. Correct timing to perform inspections at different parts of the furnace.

Cost of preventive inspections against benefits to be obtained. Avoiding high cost while perfoming inspections and maintenance just in time.

Importance to keep differtent refractory material in stock in order to react fast and effitiently during an uneccpected maintenance repair job. Which refractory material to keep in stock.

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