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Jean Luc Logel


IRIS Inspection Machines

Jean Luc Logel

Abstract - WENSPECT : a cold-end alliance toward smart manufacturing.

For many years, IRIS and Heye have together been supplying inspection lines for glass container factories worldwide.

Both companies are specialists in their field : IRIS in camera inspection machines, Heye in check inspection machines. This complementary partnership has today become a cold end commercial alliance with added value where intelligent software is combined with a robust mechanics. Under the brand WENSPECT they bring a collective expertise to your cold end.

Full data connectivity and data transfer is assured between machinesso that all necessary information is exchanged between hot end and cold end to improve the performance of the production lines. The new IRIS and Heye Intelligent machines are paving the way for the transition into Industry 4.0 and are likely to have a lasting impact on productivity of glass factories.

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